They wait for your help


These girls are like us. There is just only difference: they do not have support not even from their parents! So, why not lend them a helping hand in whichever way possible?

About our foundation

Why we help

Today’s girls are tomorrow leaders! Each girl, whether poor or from a backward class, has a distinct power to make this world a fair and moral place to live in! Thus, we want to ensure welfare of every girl!

Our history

Our story is history but our past inspiration is the current motivation! Benefits laid down by World Bank and other NGOs are the sources but it is the willingness of these girls who we have met, which keep us inspired even today.

List of our volunteers


Our volunteers are our strength! Without them, our dream of making each girl powerful can never be a reality! They are the pillars of our foundation!

Jennifer Lee

Speak to trigger a change

Kevin Perry

Are you ready to change?

Sara Wright

Recognizing unique powers in each girl (a blessing)

Brandon Ross

Embracing diversity and recognition

Useful information

Know Us through our motives, goals, and vision!

Know where we have reached to make a positive impact!

Know what these girls lack in to find out how to fulfill their survival and development needs!

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