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Make no mistake about it; female education is a global right. It is a fundamental human right, and it is nothing but a crying shame that over 62 million girls all over the planet are denied this elemental right. 62 million young females are prevented, for some reason, and at some level or other, the basic right to an education.

Backward Regions

Unfortunately, in the battle for global human rights, young girls are at the forefront. A lot of people defending the very common practice of denying education to young girls would often take refuge in the fortress of culture and tradition. Keep in mind that if you are keeping women down.

The Great Fear

Human rights are naturally evolving. We are not imposing our Western cultures or values on these countries. One of the most common defenses to this indefensible practice is that somehow, some way Europeans or Americans are imposing their values on “traditional” countries well.

Women Rights

All human beings have a right to autonomy. We have a right to say where we want to go, what we want to do, what we want to focus our time on, and what we want to be in life. Regardless of whether you are born a boy or girl, you must have this autonomy, or you are not enjoying your full rights.

Economic Basis

Humans are defined as both male and female, as well as transgender, gay lesbian, bisexual and queer. No other definition would suffice. No other definition is right. Regardless of what country you come from, or what religious background you come from, this has to be the definition if we are serious.

Women Reservation

All human beings from all over the world have a right to define themselves. They have a right to define what they want to be in life, their gender, their religion, or what they believe the good life is supposed to be. This ability to self-define cannot simply be limited to a certain portion of the population.


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The United Nations is making great strides in adopting this standard. We live in an interconnected world, and you cannot let oppression from one part of the world seep into, infiltrate and eventually infest the rest of the world.


We need to take a united stance, and the best way to take that stand is to protect the rights to self-definition of all human beings regardless of what they look like, religion, lack of religion they profess, or where they come from.


Self-definition is crucial to the definition of a complete person. People must have the right to redefine themselves or take ownership of their social definition. This is a crucial step in the evolution of human rights from communitarian.


All human beings have the potential for greatness. Unfortunately, this potential is denied when we block girls from getting the education that they are entitled to. Please pay attention that we used the word “entitled”.


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Every human being has a right to education. They have a right to further self-development. Self-development is crucial. It arises from autonomy and the ability to define one’s self as well as set one’s own direction in life. This is power. It is natural to people. It is not given. It is essential to the human condition and essential human personality. Sadly, over 62 million girls, future women, are locked out of future economic development on their part of the planet because they happened to be born female. This has to go. This is unacceptable and has no place in any modern society.

Too many females are simply blocked off the marketplace. This prevents them from lifting themselves out of poverty. The worst part of all of this is that the main perpetrators of this practice are their very own families or extended families. It often takes one grandmother or grandfather to say no to female education for generations of young females to lose their educational rights. This cannot stand.

While we understand that a lot of people think this way because they are from a culture which is rooted in a feudal or agricultural economic base, we also know we live in a globally connected world. Even if the people perpetrating and perpetuating this mindset want to maintain an agricultural or feudal society for them to succeed as a community in the modern world, they have to make sure all hands are on board. In other words, even the females must have access to modern agricultural technology. This of course requires education.

A Word From Our Donors

Andrew J. McMahon

Hardware engineer

Regardless of how traditional, conservative, or static your part of the world may be, the key to uplift is, and will always be, education. That's the only solution that we see. That's the only solution that we advocate.
Edgar T. Myers


All females, regardless of the color of their skin, where they come from, the language that they speak, or what they believe in, must have access to education. Our website is dedicated to helping a global community of activists who are committed and passionate about the cause of getting as many young females educated as possible. Network and share resources by working together and becoming aware of each other's activities.
Della D. Roberts

Game warden

Our hope is that we would be able to get to the root of the female miseducation problem and craft together solid solutions that would put an end to this scourge of intolerance and educational abuse once and for all.

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